The history of our grammar school

Battle for the Slovak grammar school

Turčiansky Svätý Martin played an important role in the life of the entire Slovak nation in the second half of the 19th century. Secondary education in Turiec has its onw traditions.

In 1598 a Latin higher school Nationale institutum hungaricum - was founded in Necpaly. In 1834 it was transferred to Turčianske Svätý Martin as Seniorale institutum hungaricum. However, there was no interest for the Hungarian school in the Slovak environment and in 1863 it closed down due to the small number of students. After the issuance of the October diploma in Turčianský Svätý Martin, the church congregations began to strive for the establishment of a Slovak grammar school. The first request for permission to open a grammar school in Martin was not successful.

On 5 July 1866, the request for permission to establish a grammar schools was repeated. On 23 September 1866, Michal Miloslav Hodža opened the "Gymnasium Sväto Martinské" with 30 students in two classes - preparatory and first - and introduced the first teachers. The building was offered by the Evangelical Church of Martin. Slovak children in Martin were eventually able to start education in their mother tongue.

Patronage grammar school

      Viliam Pauliny-Tóth drafted the text - "Základnia listina ev. a. v. gymnasiuma in T. Sv. Martin", which includes the aims, organization and principles of the school. In the final pages of the charter are inscribed the names of the patrons, thanks to whom the school was able to function. The patrons included not only people of Turiec, but also Slovaks from all over Kingdom of Hungary.

Supporters from abroad also sent their donations. Funds to support the grammar school were collected on various occasions - weddings, funerals, baptisms, theater performances. From charity collections and donations, the school has acquired a library and equipped the classrooms with teaching aids.

On 14 August 1867, at the meeting of the newly established patronage, it was decided that "the language of instruction in this school will be exclusively Slovak, obligatory studies include Hungarian and German". After that, syllabus was accepted and it was agreed that on 1st September, 1867, the preparatory, first and second classes of the grammar school and the alumneum (student boarding house) would open.

Interwar grammar school

The grammar school in Martin was of found their home, friends and fulfilment of their scientific and artistic excellent standard None of the Martin events did not go without our students. The professors of the gymnasium contributed to this in no small measure. Many of them were excellent Czech professors, experts who were sent to Martin by Jaroslav Vlček. Some of them

Construction of the building on Malá Hora

The grammar school was gradually growing and the building was becoming inadequate. The school didn ' t have enough space, there was no gymnasium. Therefore, on 28 October 1930, everyone with joy welcomed the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of the new building.

The town was concerned that the grammar school should provide decent premises and conditions for its work, and therefore donated a beautiful extensive land plot on Mala Hora. The foundations of the building began to be dug in 1937. The building was constructed by a Martin company Hlavaj - Palkovič – Uličný. They started in 1938 on 2nd May according to the designs of a Brno architect, a representative of Czechoslovak functionalism - Bohuslav Fuchs. On 6 October 1940 the gymnasium moved to the premises on Malá Hora. After several modifications and reconstructions, the building serves its original purpose.

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